Shadowprotect cmd agent download

Shadowprotect cmd agent

Install the CMD agent on each ShadowProtect-guarded system. Assign each agent to an organization or to a site to monitor it using the CMD console. The CMD. Once your Appliance is set up, install the ShadowControl. CMD agent on every server, desktop, and laptop in your network and subscribe them to the Appliance. StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX (Windows) downloads. Version number: Backup and disaster recovery for Windows virtual and physical machines.

Manage machine discovery, push installation (for the ShadowControl agent, ShadowProtect, SPX, and ImageManager), and activations of licenses, all through. The endpoint agent supports ShadowProtect v and newer, and StorageCraft The ShadowControl agent provides the stccmd command-line utility for. CMD consists of EndPoints running the CMD agent, an appliance which monitors those Install the CMD agent on each ShadowProtect-guarded system.

I then push the agent to all my machines I want backing up. I've heard of shadow protect CMD, but why would I use this over the management console, I'm . ShadowProtect is a VSS-aware backup and disaster recovery . settings for a particular backup chain, check "Override global agent retention. Overview For various reasons it might be necessary to adjust the activation or installation of a ShadowProtect agent and as such might. Installing the ShadowControl Agent. ( storagecraft-shadowcontrol-cmd) or directly from the appliance.