Autonomous maintenance ppt download

Autonomous maintenance ppt

Train operators on Autonomous Maintenance (Jishu Hozen) to reduce equipment downtime with this training presentation. Autonomous MaintenanceAssisting the Operations to maintain its own . 3 HighlightsMaintenance TypesAutonomous. Autonomous Maintenance refers to TPM activities that involve operators in maintaining their own equipment, independent of the maintenance.

Autonomous Maintenance? A process to restore equipment to its optimum condition. A process to involve equipment users in the autonomous management of. participate in Autonomous Maintenance Activities, in order to deliver tangible and sustainable improvements in equipment reliability. Aims & Objectives. T. PM in Administration. Safe ty, Health,. Environmental. Q uality Maintenance. 5 S. Total productive. Maintenance. Autonomous. Maintenance. - Step 0.

The 7 Steps of Autonomous Maintenance7 6 5 Autonomous management Basic Knowledge for Total Productive Maintenance. Save Legend: a) Potato supply, sorting & washing b) Optical quality control c) Stones sorter d) Washing device e) Transport to St 1,4 or 5 f) Steam. TPM Consulting Service, Autonomous Maintenance, TQM, CPI, OEE, Waste free, QC Story, Problem solving, 5S, 5S Leader, AM - Autonomous Maintenance.