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The war to end all wars mod

The war to end all wars is a mod that is based on a single question, And if the Second Empire won the Franco-Prussian War?. Welcome to "The War to End All Wars" an total conversion for Hearts of iron 4. This is the offical sequel to "Geralds WW1 Mod" by Gerald, but. The War To End All Wars is another effort to create a modification, which covers the complete Empire: Total War Announcement: Want a Forum for your Mod?.

[Work Paused] The War to End All Wars. Uploaded ยท August 13, If you liked this mod, please rate it up on Steam Workshop page. Authors: Kalkstein. After many months of work, I have completed a beta version for a huge overhaul of EAW, with the end goal of making the war as close to a WW1. I just started on a new mod called, "World War I: The War To End All Wars". I found out how to, so this mod won't be as complicated to.