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Seedlink server

All open data that the DMC receives in real-time or through real-time collection channels is available via this SeedLink server. Any network firewall between the server and the clients must be configured to allow connections from the clients on the SeedLink port (default is TCP port. In the following we use "SeedLink" to denote the SeedLink implementation used in SeisComP. The data source of a SeedLink server can be anything which is.

The easiest way to connect to a SeedLink server is using the create_client() function to create a new instance of the EasySeedLinkClient class. It accepts as an. The SEEDlink protocol requires that the data-consumer contacts the We will configure a SEEDlink server later in this procedure: that will require the. We will use two different servers to show the data. One is a SeedLink server using Ring Server. This can be used to directly see the data within an application.

GEOFON/GEVN data from about stations are openly available as real-time data feeds by the SeedLink protocol from the GEOFON SeedLink server at. The Seedlink server address is (Read more). Current real-time status of GLISN stations and data channels may be reviewed at. SeedLink protocol is used by GeoNet to send waveform data in from the field stations to our data GeoNet also runs a publicly accessible SeedLink server. In order to minimize the number of connections to the server, it is strongly recommended to configure seedlink in multi-station mode when getting data.