Pqi usb driver download

Pqi usb driver

Ur-Smart provides users with a portable environment for email, contact list, document, web account and instant message records on their USB flash drives. Founded in and now a subsidairy of Foxlink, PQI is a global leader in 4C solutions with strong manufacturing capabilities and decades of R&D experience. Please follow the steps below to diagnose the problem. Step 1: Verify the function of USB Flash drive (UFD) If you have connected the UFD through.

I just bought a PQI USB flash drive and it says software download available on the package, where to download and how to install the software?. My USB Flash drive is not recognized by my computer, but on other computers, it can be recognized without problem. Should I install the driver?. If you can not fix your USB device through houstonhomeguard.com, please contact PQI Support Center. Thanks. Compatible products .All portable drive products.

HOME > PRODUCTS > USB Flash Drive > PQI Connect > PQI iConnect mini By using iConnect's USB and Lightning bi-directional connector design. My USB Flash Drive U/UP/U is not working with Windows Vista, Windows 7, the system prompt to install driver while the USB flash drive is plugged in. The PQI UV is the world's first penny-size micro thumb drive featuring the Offered in 32GB, 16GB and 8GB capacities with high-speed USB support, the . Clip-on lid design. > There is a dedicated clip-on design at the end drive to avoid misplacing the lid while using the USB drive.