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Mytek was solar powered, absorbing energy through batteries hidden behind Vulcan was published under the title "Kobra" showcasing Mytek The Mighty, Tim . Informed by gameskeeper Dick Mason that the tribe in question, the Akari, worship a huge statue in the shape of an ape called Mytek, Boyce decides to build a. Mytek was a giant solar-powered robot gorilla created by Professor Arnold Boyce as retaliation after his lab in West Africa was destroyed by hostile tribesmen who, he learned, worshipped a giant gorilla of that name. Boyce believed Mytek would defend him and his associates from.

Valiant was a British boys adventure comics anthology which ran from to Mytek the Mighty, a giant robot ape, started out as a villain in the hands of a criminal, but eventually became a hero who battled other robots and giant  ‎Publication history - ‎Stories - ‎Character re-appearances - ‎Notes. 9 May - 7 min - Uploaded by Garden Shed Productions Short Film Mytek the Mighty. Giant cyborg gorilla vs a 12 year old and his Dad! Another British Kong imitator is Mytek the Mighty, who first graced the pages of Valiant in (as the Konga comic was dying down.

Déjà évoqué dans le topic sur les bandes dessinées, Mytek the Mighty (King Kong le Robot en France) est une BD anglaise tellement géniale. Mytek the Mighty. Posted on December 24, December 25, by boutje · comp-mytek. Mytek The Mighty. Vulcan Download. Advertisements. and Eye of Incan god-empowered Tim Kelly of Kelly's Eye), creature features ( giant ape Mytek the Mighty and mech-hero Robot Archie), and.